NTOI Behind Closed Doors Online 2021

Behind Closed Doors 2021 This years NTOI Behind Closed Doors was an online event with three amazing speakers, Gwen Enright, Barbara Barrett and Natalyia Klus. They shared some wonderful nuggets of infromation and their case studies with us. You can purchase the videos via gumroad link: https://gum.co/uodBl

NTOI Virtual AGM 2020

The NTOI had their first virtual AGM on the 21st of November 2020. On this day, we had two amazing speakers, Robyn Puglia and Umahro Cadagon. For those of you who did not attend the event, you can purchase the talks from Gumroad, for a nominal price of €7.50 each. Please see the links below Continue reading...

Webinar Support for taking your Business Online

We have there great webinars here with some wonderful information on taking your business online. These can be bought via gumroad for a nominal fee of €5 each. Webinar 1: Vicky Shilling How to conquer your fear and deliver your first nutrition webinar Too scared to put yourself out there and go online with your Continue reading...

NTOI 2020 Online Conference

The 2020 NTOI conference was online for the first time, with some amazing speakers. Elizma Lambert discusses OAT testing, Ben Brown speaks on Systemic Chronic Inflammation and Pete Williams talks about Oral Health, "The Battle for Helms Deep". The Webinar can be purchased via Gumroad. To purchase: https://gum.co/CMRGjx

Behind Closed Doors 2020

Behind Closed Doors 2020 Presentations and case studies by Olivia Beck (Thyroid), Lynne Dalton (Bone Health) and Jemma Kehoe (Various), plus a few words from Fabrizio Marini on behalf of sponsors Pure Encapsulations. Followed by a question and answer session with the 3 presenters, chaired by Maev Creaven. To purchase: https://gum.co/NHnILD

Organic Institute Convention 2019

Organic Institute Convention 2019 The Organic Institute Convention in November 2019 at The Killeshin Hotel, Portlaoise. Speakers include Robert Verkerk, Dana Flavin, Dr. Anthony Sharkey and our own Conor Saunders and Patricia Daly. To purchase: https://gum.co/bycCr

NTOI Conference 2019

NTOI Conference 2019 Presentations by Miguel Mateus and Leo Priumboom at the NTOI AGM and Conference weekend 2019 This webinar can be purchased via Gumroad https://gum.co/NjnA  

Anthony Haynes Virus Seminar By Nutritional Therapists of Ireland

Anthony Haynes Virus Seminar Anthony Haynes - The Wonderful World of Viruses Seminar . This webinar was held on Saturday 13th April 2019, The Green Isle Hotel Clondalkin, Dublin 22. Now you have the opportunity to purchase this webinar and all the sides. CPD Points - 6 To Purchase: https://gum.co/BbcmX    

Ben Brown: Functional Digestive Diseases: Unraveling Origins to Improve Clinical Care

In this webinar Ben Brown ND goes through; significant shortcomings in the diagnosis and treatment of functional gastrointestinal diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and functional dyspepsia (FD) arise from them being ‘umbrella’ diagnosis that cluster several underlying identifiable and treatable causes for the same symptom presentation into one classification. Emerging evidence suggests that Continue reading...

Dr Dilis Clare – Interpreting Blood Results

In this webinar Dr Dilis Clare will take you through how to interpret blood results. (You need to click the title to access the webinar) The webinar has been awarded 1 registered CPD point. Watch the webinar here  

Dr Dilis Clare – Webinar on Bitters & The Vagus Nerve

Webinar with Dr Dilis Clare on supporting the vagus nerve with bitters. (You need to click on the title to access the link to the recording.) Once you have watched the webinar you can log it as one registered CPD point. No cert required. You can access the webinar recording here.

Nutri Advance – SIBO Webinar

This webinar is free to watch courtesy of Nutri Advance. (You need to click the title to access the link to the recording.) Once you have watched the webinar you can log it as one registered CPD point. No cert required. Go to link to sign up and watch here.  

Log In Details For Natural Medicines Database

The Natural Medicines Database should be automatically logged in when accessed from the NTOI members site, as it is a resource purchased by NTOI for our members.  Sometimes there may be technical issues and the database requires a log in.  If the Nat Med home page is asking for a log in. Please use the Continue reading...