MAG365 Trade Account and Discount Offer

How to set up a MAG365 Trade Account
All NTOI members the are eligible to set up a MAG365/PrizMAG trade account for professional use and you can do so easily anytime on our website

Link to set up a trade account: – you will receive an email of confirmation that your account has been set up – this could take a day or two.

NTOI Discount: 45% off all products
Welcome gift with your first purchase: Once you set up your trade account you can add a bag of 30 sachets of Exotic Lemon or Passionfruit flavours to your FIRST trade purchase and enter the code WELCOME to get the bag of sachets free of charge.
Free shipping on all purchases over £25 (you can also select free brochures)
This year you can now avail of the coupon code TRADE2020 on all orders over £40 – where you can get a FREE pack of 30 sachets (the green MAG365 range) for samples to share with your clients (a discount of £8.22 for all the green MAG365 sachet range)
However if you wish to get the MAG365 BF pink sachets the value of £8.22 will come off your purchase on checkout with the code TRADE 2020

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