Tools for taking your Business Online

Gumroad is a platform in which you can sell items for example ebooks and training courses. It’s free to set up an account and your can be up and running selling products in a few minutes
Zoom offers a space where you can hold a one-to-one video call, perfect for consultations. It also works with larger groups, with the possibility to hold 100 attendees but this is only for 40 minutes if using the free option. The cost to purchase varies from approximately €15 per month and up.
Gumroad –
Setting up an account
Gumroad –
Selling your first product
Zoom –
Set up and Use

Irish Life Plans list for NTOI members consultations

Irish Life Info Sheet (1)

This lists the Irish Life plans that cover NT consultations with NTOI members.

Irish Life & NTOI logos, plus statement for NT Consultations

Irish Life Details (1)

This is a PDF with the NTOI and Irish Life logo. It states that Irish Life recognise NT consultations with NTOI members on certain plans. This can go on your website to promote this fact.

NTOI closed Facebook group guidelines


The NTOI closed Facebook is a private forum where NTOI members and student members from 2nd year NT onwards, can share case studies, ask for advice, and share nutrition articles, latest research, and any relevant NT related information with peers in a secure, confidential, and supportive environment.     

There have been some concerns from members about the disrespectful and dismissive tone of some posts in the past. With this in mind we have drafted up some guidelines which we would respectfully ask you to adhere too when posting on the NTOI closed members FB page.


  • The objective of the NTOI members’ private forum is to allow members to share knowledge in a secure, respectful, confidential, and supportive manner. And to foster a supportive community of likeminded individuals.


  • Please think twice before posting and commenting, to ensure that your comments are in fact supportive, helpful, and informative, and importantly respectful and professional.


  • Please keep posts relevant to Nutritional Therapy related issues and information.


  • Please keep in mind that not all NT’s on the member’s forum might have the same levels of experience. There are newly qualified NT’s, 2nd and 3rd year student NT’s all wanting to contribute at their own level. For more experienced NT’s this is an opportunity to share knowledge.


  • The FB group is moderated and any offensive posts or discussions that get out of hand will be removed. However, as it is operated by volunteers things may occasionally get missed. If you feel you have been unfairly treated and any of the guidelines above violated, please make a formal complaint in writing and email it to [email protected] , ideally adding a screenshot of said thread.


  • NTOI will operate a ‘three strikes and out’ policy with regards to misconduct. Once a formal complaint has been received and assessed; a verbal warning will be issued by an NTOI committee member. If there is a second offence, a written warning will be issued. A third offence will result in immediate removal from the closed Facebook group.


We are proud of our profession and our community of practitioners, let’s keep it a safe, supportive space for us all to continue to grow and strengthen both as individuals and as a community.

ANH / NTOI Regulatory Training for NTs

NTOI have contracted Rob Verkerk and Melanie Aldridge who run the Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH) to explain the regulatory landscape to NTOI members and help get our collective heads around, and be better equipped to navigate this complex and evolving topic

Like it or not we are in the middle of turbulent regulatory change and our growing profession is currently not up to speed with some regulations and laws flowing from the EU via FSAI that directly affect what advice we can and cannot give our clients.

Some vitamins become classed as prescription once they go over a certain dose…some herbs are not allowed to be prescribed in Ireland…we are not currently sure whether or not we can prescribe glandulars. There is more to this that we still can’t see.

Like it or not we have to get to grips with this or our insurance may actually be voided.No Irish NT has been taken to court or hauled over the regulatory coals yet, but it may just be a matter of time.

You can access the recording here

You can access the slides / notes here


NTOI Information Leaflets

These are information leaflets that you can download and print to use in your own marketing to promote Nutritional Therapy.

Click on link to download.

NTOI Leaflet – Generic version for home printing.

Click on link to download.

This version has a blank space where you can add your own contact details.

Click on link to download.

NTOI Logos

Here are the NTOI logo for you to use in your marketing material and on your website.

If you need any other file format for any reason please email [email protected] with your request and we will send it to you.

Click on link to download.

Click on link to download.

Click on link to download.

Click on link to download.

This is a document for how to use the logo files correctly

Video Tutorials for the NTOI Membership Site

This video will show you how to find your way around the website.

In this video you will be shown how to log your CPD points on the website.

In this video you will be shown how to edit your membership profile.

(Please note that only practicing members will have their profile visible to the public)

This video will take you on a tour of The Natural Standards Medicine Database.

Click Here To View

How to obtain your CPD requirements

In this document you will find all the current guidelines for CPD requirements for both student, non-practicing and practicing members.

If you have any questions you can always contact [email protected]

Code of Practice – Appendix

In this Appendix you will find some additional resources for members, like: Terms of Engagement Template, guidelines for PR / Media etc.

Read and download a copy for your own files.

Code of Practice

This is our current Code of Professional Practice document (2018) that all NTOI members need to adhere to.

Please read through carefully and download for your own records.

General information on GDPR consent & consent forms

A document with general information on consent forms.

GDPR Privacy Notice Template for NT business

This template is for a privacy policy statement for websites. Please adapt the template to suit your specific business.

Just click on link to download document.

GDPR Data Protection Policy for a typical NT Business

This is a sample of a data protection policy (privacy policy) for a typical NT business. Please edit the template to make sure it is specific for you business.

Just click on link to download the document.

GDPR Consents Template

This is a consent template that you will have to edit to make sure it covers your specific needs. It can then be added to your intake form.

Just click on link to download.

GDPR Guidelines Webinar


See link to GDPR webinar below:

GDPR NTOI-20180423 1729-3
Monday, 23 April 2018
18:29  |  GMT Summer Time (London, GMT+01:00)
Play recording (52 min)
Recording password: NTOIGDPr1