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In case you missed the many e-mails and posts - the NTOI AGM is COMING in less than 4 weeks. Make sure you get your ticket as you are only as strong as your community is. The event is truly unmissable! Also, you will get to meet so many NTs finally in person. Plus - let's not forget about the dinner and the amazing speakers.
For the first time this year, we are holding the event over 2 days:  Friday 22nd June  from  4.30pm  and  Saturday 23rd June , all day. Make sure you save the date.

We also have 2 world class Functional Medicine speakers: Dr David Brady and Dr Deanna Minich. Read more information on it  HERE.
Please support us and help make the NTOI AGM & Conference 2018 the best event ever. 

SCD Lifestyle article on Histamine Intolerance
Steve Wright and Jordan Reasoner are 2 engineers who had serious health issues that they managed to resolve themselves, based largely on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet as created by Elaine Gotshall. They were so impressed with it that they created a website called, and have now become "health engineers" with functional medicine training. Steve wrote an interesting article recently on histamine intolerance and leaky gut, which you may find interesting (there was a question on histamine intolerance recently in the NTOI FB group).

The areas covered are:
  • What are Histamines?
  • What is a Histamine Intolerance?
  • Where Do Histamines Come From?
  • What Causes A Histamine Intolerance?
  • How Do I Know If I Have A Histamine Intolerance?
  • The Problem With Antihistamines
  • 3 Powerful Supplements For Histamine Intolerance
  • Adopting A Low Histamine Diet For Quick Symptom Relief
  • How To Overcome A Histamine Intolerance (For Good)
Build Your Own WordPress Website!
You may feel that you have no technical skills at all, and the idea of making your own website scares the hell out of you, but if you are smart enough to get a diploma in nutritional therapy, then you certainly have the smarts required to build your own website using WordPress.
Robert Mening is a web developer who has put together a very easy to follow guide to building your own website with WordPress, and even includes steps on getting hosting (admittedly via a US company called Bluehost).
He covers 3 main areas
  • Choose the right website building platform
  • Get a domain name and web hosting
  • Set up, edit and customise your website
And do you realise that you can use your WordPress website to produce a 1 page membership site?
More on this in the next issue!
Do I really need a blog for my small business? Here are 4 reasons the answer is YES

Most people do!
Having your own business in such a dynamic online world has become more and more overwhelming. Is not enough anymore to create a website and business cards and off you go. Now you need to have social media accounts, a modern website, good photography skills, social media marketing and sales understanding…and accounting, and, and, and!!

The last thing many people think is - "I want to start a blog", however, times move fast and with it the people move too. The sheer amount of insta/blogger/PT experts is hard to imagine now, something is definitely happening so maybe it’s time to show them how is done!

First of all, let's us clear on Content Creation vs. Content Curation. Content Creation is the process of creating your own content from scratch and marketing it to your followers or subscribers. Content Curation is the process of gathering existing information like blogs, social media posts or, ebooks relevant to a particular topic and sharing it with your brand’s followers.

Once you read that article make sure you check the below on the pros and cons of having your own blog as small business:

Here are some of the reasons which should be enough to change your mind

  • It helps drive traffic to your website

  • It helps convert that traffic into leads…and a few of these into paying customers

  • It helps establish authority

If you are to choose one Social Media 2018 - Its Instagram. Here is how to master it
Instagram’s popularity has been growing steadily since it first debuted back in 2010. With more than 500 million active users, it’s currently the second most popular social media network in the world, behind only Facebook (unless you count YouTube), and marketers are falling more in love with the platform.
But what is it that makes the platform so engaging to users, and how can marketers take advantage of it?
  1. Mobile functionality. Instagram is easy to use when you’re on the go.
  2. Visual nature. Human beings prefer to gather and interpret information through sight, which is why visual marketing has become so popular in recent years. Instagram appeals to that visual nature. 
  3. Novelty. Instagram is also a departure from apps like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, mostly because of its simplicity. 
You do need to pay attention and here is how to master it:
  • Post consistently (at least once a day)
  • Try videos, live videos, and Stories
  • ​Study and use quality hashtags
  • Share user-generated content
  • Collaborate with others
  • Post at your best times
  • Use your analytics
  • Engage your fans
  • Host contests
  • Cross-post
Below some good articles on the topic
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