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We are really excited to share the new format of the official internal NTOI Newsletter for all its members. It has been very busy period and as you all have seen the last few months just flew by. Behind the curtain, the Committee and all the volunteers have been working really hard to bring the many projects to the next stage. Very soon you will hear more details during the next AGM. We are very excited about this year's event. It will be bigger and better than ever!

For the first time this year, we are holding the event over 2 days: Friday 22nd June from 4.30pm and Saturday 23rd June, all day. Make sure you save the date.
We also have 2 world class Functional Medicine speakers: Dr David Brady and Dr Deanna Minich. Read more information on it HERE.

Please support us and help make the NTOI AGM & Conference 2018 the best event ever. Profits from this year’s event will go towards funding professional PR services for NTOI as well as media training for members.  This will help get our profession into the public eye with a more professional image and the recognition it deserves.
Wellness Trends To Watch In 2018
Mind Body Green predictions were spot on 2015, 2016 and 2017. The article gives you a good summary of what is going on in the world of wellness around the world. We also found Livestrong’s coverage of what’s happening in California very interesting.
Check them out.

The areas covered are:
  • Protecting the planet
  • Turning from Tech
  • Gut Health
  • Green Beauty Boom
  • Collagen  
  • Mushrooms
  • Different foods
  • Adaptogens AND MORE
Livestrong's 2018 Wellness Trends Guide
Does My Business Need A Website? - YES!
Many up and coming therapists feel that just having a business Facebook Profile is enough of an online presence. However, the following few articles will challenge that assumption and give you food for thought on how to go about strengthening your cyber profile to maximise the bottom line.
How Are Your Social Media Skills?
Most people don’t understand how social media platforms actually work and as a result are either misusing them or wasting opportunities to get their message out, which in effect is leaving money on the table…money that ‘wants’ to come to you but can’t.
The following links will get you up to speed with the basics of these powerful free platforms and help you make the best choices for your particular situation and free you from the pressure to just do as everybody else is doing!
  1. Understanding how the platforms work
        2. How to improve your skills and use
            them to grow your business
There are a couple of ways to learn more about optimising your Social Media Accounts. By using free resources or paid. Our preference is free resources, you only need to set up few hours a week to either watch, read or do a free online course. To get you started have a look at this one below, it’s brilliant!
If you plan to use pictures in your online media then taking better pictures is a key skill to learn…unless you are going to pay someone else to do it for you.  Have a look at this video for some ideas:
If you like to try a paid version of the above, go to an online academy that has online tutorials and courses but where you don't pay per course but per month.

We think the following is one of the best on the market. Look at the list of all of their courses! Price is 25£ per month and you have access to all the courses, also they give you 14 days free trial. You can do their free test and see what level your skills are.

      3. Staying up to date with changes
There are constant updates on all Social Media platforms but the following Podcast makes short 10 min audios summarising everything every few days. This will save you time and if you do hear something of interest you can always look into it in more details.
Lets Talk About Books & The Best Place To Order Them
Our profession is inundated with new books.  Our hope is to help you navigate this crucially important area by sharing with you book reviews and even just short comments from other NT’s about certain books…good or bad.  Time is our most precious asset so this should help you save it.

In terms of value for money we have to point out Book Depository in the UK.  It offers free delivery worldwide which saves you a lot of money over time.  They are owned now by Amazon so who knows what the future holds.
For starters here’s a short curated list of great books worth reading:
  • The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantyne 
  • It's huge and contains an enormous amount of information, including an explanation of the science behind autoimmune disease in addition to dietary and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Nutrient Power : Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain by William J. Walsh
  • Nutrient therapy was founded on the discovery of distinct biochemical differences between those who suffer from a mental illness, and those who do not. It is a science which depends on the measurement of minerals, vitamins, and other naturally occurring substances in blood and urine. William J Walsh has been doing this for over thirty-five years and has collected a database from over 30,000 patients. He and others working in this field have been able to relate biochemical changes to symptoms of illness and to prescribe nutrients to remedy deficiencies and excesses.
New Arrivals
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