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Gut health including IBS, SIBO, constipation, bloating, diarrhoea

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Bio: I help people with a wide range of digestive issues to bring their health back into their control. Through one-to-one sessions I help my clients to understand what is going on, tackle the issues through discovering the underlying causes and give them the tools to look after their health into the future. ONE-TO-ONE WELLNESS PROGRAMS ► Clients come to me for help and support in solving their on-going digestive issues such as boating, fatigue, pain & discomfort. They have generally already tried eliminating foods and followed fad-diets in the past, leaving them frustrated, tired and fed-up. I follow a back-to-basics approach paired with diagnostic functional testing, to bring their digestive health back working for them. I also educate throughout the process so that they have the tools to manage their health into the future. I help people via short 6 week programmes and longer 3-6 month programmes for more complex cases. LECTURING & SPEAKING ► I regularly run 6-week workshops through the Kilkenny / Carlow ETB. These workshops cover the basics of nutrition, filling in the knowledge gaps and changing mindsets around food to improve energy, wellbeing and overall health. I have also run one-off nutrition talks for industry such as Walsh Whiskey, Carlow and Glanbia. FREE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY ► I run a free Facebook community to help wellness business owners in a supportive environment INTERESTED IN FINDING OUT MORE ► Message me here or email [email protected] SPECIALITIES ► Gut health, IBS, SIBO, specialist diets. I also specialise in translating the latest trends in nutrition and wellbeing into practical applications and tips for everyday use.

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Company: The Nutrition Clinic
Mobile Practice with option to enter areas covered: Ireland
Public Email: [email protected]