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Lipoedema,Metabolic disorders, Ketogenic Lifestyle and intermitted fasting, Immune Health.

Personal Details

Company: Virginia\'s Health Corner
County: Kildare
Public Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Virginias Health Corner

Additional Information

Education: Diploma in Nutritional Therapy with IHS in 2014. Currently finishing a 2 year Organic Horticulture Certificate.
Bio: I am passionate about good Food and Nutrition and I strongly believe that every person is unique and therefore has different dietary  requirements. My aim is to provide you with the best possible tools and knowledge in order to improve your quality of life. Learn how to be self sufficient and produce nutriscious vegetables and fruit from your own garden or land. Teach your kids where food comes from and the importance of preserving the ecosystem using organic growing methods.
Languages Spoken: English and Italian