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Nutritional advisor, Food disease management, Diabetes Educator, Ortomolecular Nutrition, Tutor, FODMAPs diet expert and Nutritional coach.

Personal Details

Company: Nutrition
Street Address: Online consultation and tutoring
Public Email: [email protected]

Additional Information

Education: Several Masters, Diplomas, Courses and Webinars
Bio: Hi there, I am Julia Osorio-Hernández, hard worker, with experience and training.  - Nutritional speciality focused on the quality of life improvement of patients through their food consumption.  - I had been offering more than 400 lectures, workshops, courses and conferences, nutrition, dietetics and food services.  More than 20 years of working on-site and five years of experience working online.
Languages Spoken: Spanish (native), English (negotiation), French and Italian (basic)

Work Experience

Experience: More than 20 years working on Nutrition