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Total Healthcare Plan - Physical, Mental, Nutrition, Herbs & Supplements. Lab Testing Available. Success in my clinic, Digestion, Chronic Pain, Bone Health, Thyroid, Menopause

Personal Details

Company: Siobhan Shinnors Med Herbalist, Nutritionist & Yoga Therapy
Street Address: Albany House, Summer Hill,
City: Nenagh
County: Tipperary
Mobile Practice with option to enter areas covered: Limerick and Online covering europe
Public Email: [email protected]

Additional Information

Education: Dip Yoga, Dip Vital Nutrition & Iridology, Licentiate Herbal Medicine, Member of Irish Association of Master Medical Herbalists (IammH)

I am a curious truth seeker.  I’m motivated by all things which bring about a healthier space within me and in others.  For me that means being in harmony with nature and in my personal relationships both to myself and others.  

I have worn many hats as an English teacher, a Network Technician & Systems Analyst (BSc. 1997) and  Yoga Teacher (Dip Yoga 2002) & Mind Body facilitator for over 18 years.  During these years I provided yoga classes, breath work, mindfulness, nutritional talks & wild food identification during wellness retreats & mind body programmes to the general public, corporate sector, communities, schools, special needs & in private therapy sessions.   

Currently I run a busy clinic (on site and online) offering 121Yoga Therapy, Vital Nutrition Plans, Laboratory Testing, Herbal Medicine Formulas and on demand support in between appointments.  When working one-on-one with clients I may take into consideration quality of breath, posture, lifestyle, diet, current medication and side effects and the iris picture or just purely dietary plan if need be.  I look for patterns & triggers of disease so dietary changes made and herbal  formulas designed  are the most effective and therefore  bring about the more immediate results.  In my years as a therapist, I have realised that disease/poor health occurs most often when our outer world (environment, actions, expression) are not accurately reflecting our inner self. 

Languages Spoken: English, Basic Spanish, Basic Japanese

Work Experience

Experience: Run a busy clinic offering 121Yoga Therapy & Breathwork, Vital Nutrition Plans, Laboratory Testing, Herbal Medicine Formulas and Email Support throughout.