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Rachel 087 2197968
Cardiovascular Health (reducing blood pressure & cholesterol) Fermentation & Gut Health (Workshops) Medicinal Chef (Cooking Demos & Retreat Catering)

Personal Details

Company: Rachel Graham Nutrition
Street Address: 15 Stapleton Place
City: Dundalk
County: Louth
Public Email: [email protected]

Additional Information

Education: CNM Dublin - Nutritional Therapy Diploma
Bio: I am passionate about the healing power of food. Through my personalized consultation & coaching programs, I focus on your unique health Issues & work with you to achieve your goals. I give my clients practical, actionable guidance, so that they quickly feel the benefits of their healthy choices and actually enjoy the process of improving their health! Cardiovascular Health (reducing blood pressure & cholesterol) is a particular area of interest for me. My \'Love-Your-Heart\' Plan is a 3 month personalized drug-free approach to reducing blood pressure & cholesterol, complete with 1:1 cooking lessons
Languages Spoken: English, German