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Suraya Diaz 35391804998
Fertility, Sports Nutrition, Weight loss, Inflammation, Digestive Health, Nutrigenomics and Immunity

Personal Details

Company: Dr. Suraya Diaz
Street Address: Gate Lodge Castle Ffrench, Ballinamore Bridge Ballinasloe
City: Galway
County: Galway
Mobile Practice with option to enter areas covered: Online consultancy available
Public Email: [email protected]

Additional Information

Education: BSc (Hons), Dip Nat, Dip NT, Dip HM, MSc, Ph.D.
Bio: Dr. Diaz is a nutritionist, herbalist, naturopath, biochemist and scientist. Her health food store offers Dr. Diaz vision through her high-quality formulas in a wide range of natural organic cosmetics, food products, herbal products, healthy drinks, aromatherapy, air quality products, homeopathy and services to help you to become the best and healthiest version of you!
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish and Portuguese