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amani kaite
gut health
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Lyndsey Walters

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I have a strong interest in guiding women, over the age of forty, back to full health from metabolic disorders such as, excessive weight gain, high BP, diabetes and hormonal imbalances. Using food and supplements, where necessary, I support my clients to achieve sustainable goals for life. Combining yoga with nutritional therapy represents the perfect re-set button for those who need to change their eating habits and return to exercise. Through yoga, I help my clients manage the impact of stress in their daily lives.
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Sylwia Ziolkowska

Women Health, Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Digestion Issue, Gut Health.
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Bronagh Howlin 0872606116
Fertility, Balancing Hormones, Weight Management
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Ita Ahern

Inflammatory digestive conditions. Cardiovascular disease. Depression and Anxiety.
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Deirdre O Callaghan 045 913913 / 087 7082325
Nutrition for Mental Health. Anxiety & Depression. Eating Disorders.
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Wioletta Wojcik 0877557585
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Gemma O'Connell

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Gita Askelovic

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Oonagh English +3532838638 / +353879227988 / Oonagh95
Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health and Wellbeing
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building up immune system, weight loss, mental health