2023 – Conference & AGM

“Decoding Data” We are delighted to share with you details on this year’s AGM & Conference & hope you will be able to join us in person at...

ActivatedProbiotics : From menarche to after menopause, specialised strains of live bacteria for women’s health needs by Yuwa Aghedo & Karen Harrison

The microbiome of the vagina and the gut influence many aspects of the female body and play a role in some of the biggest health concerns facing...

NutriAdvanced: New Discoveries in Gut Health: Why leaky gut and dysbiosis support alone is not enough by Nathan Rose

Gut disorders are one of the most common presenting complaints in clinical practice and since time immemorial, experts have espoused that ‘all diseases begin in the gut’....

NTOI AGM 2022 Minutes

The NTOI 2022 AGM was held on 10th of June, please find the minutes attached....

Minutes from AGM 2020

Minutes NTOI AGM 2020 In attendance Fionnuala – Admin Linn Thorstensson – Director Maev Creven – Director Lynne Dalton – Director & Company Secretary Fabrizio Marini –...

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'Decoding Data' with Dr. Zoe Harcombe & Ivor Cummins


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